How to Transfer PDF Files to Kindle

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To transfer PDF files to your Kindle device, there are three options which are available. You can transfer via a USB to PC or Mac connection, or email the file to your Kindle email account.

Kindle is an ebook reader which is made by, and there are several versions of the device. The first generation device is bulky, comes with an SD card reader, and does not support pdf, so there is no point in transferring pdfs to the device. The 2nd generation offers native pdf support (requires a firmware update), as does the later DX and 3rd versions. Kindle 3 also offers an experimental web browser allowing you to download pdf documents directly from the web.

How to transfer PDF files to Kindle?
via USB cable

This is the most convenient way to transfer pdf documents to your device. Simply connect the device to your computer using the USB cable that comes with the device. Your device will go into USB drive mode and become unusable, and a new drive will appear on your computer. Drag and drop the file  from your computer to the new drive, and then eject the drive. When you power on the Kindle, you should see the pdf file appear on the home screen.

via email

Also for Kindle 3 users, Amazon now offers a FREE Personal Document Service where you can mail your documents to an email address and it’ll appear on your Kindle via Wi-Fi. First, log into your Amazon account and go to Manage Your Kindle. Set up your  email address, and then enter the email address which you’ll use to send emails from into the “Your Kindle approved email list” section. You can then attach the pdf to an email (leave the subject blank) and email it to, and then press the Menu button on your device and choose Sync and Check for Items.

Tip : Kindle’s pdf support is a little sluggish and prone to hang-ups. If you are opening a large pdf file, wait patiently for the device to completely load the file before pressing any buttons, or your device may hang.


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