How to Build a Resume Online for Free

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Writing a resume is an important part of applying for jobs. Today, there are many websites online which can help you with this step of the process.

How to build a resume online for free?
The most common kind of resume building sites are the “fill in the blank” type sites. A simple Google search will reveal many such sites. These sites come in two types. The first type is the template website, which has many resume templates that you can download for free. You can then open these templates in your word processing program and fill out your personal information and experience to make your own resume. The other type of website asks you to fill out your information and experience on the website itself, and then generates a CV that you can download.

While searching for these sites, you may also come across sites that do one of two things. They either ask you to download a piece of software to generate the resume, or they ask for your sensitive private information, such as a credit card number or your social security number. Both types of behavior are likely to be malicious. You do not need to use a piece of software to generate a document, and it is likely that the software is malware. Also, you do not include credit card information or social security numbers on resumes, so that is probably an attempt at identity theft. As long as you stay away from these two kinds of sites, you should be fine. I hope that you can successfully build a resume online.


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