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If you are a video game player or game shopper, you may already know the Steam online store at This online digital distribution platform allows you to download and play games anywhere there is internet access. It connects independent game developers with video game players, so the service makes many people’s lives easier. If you are a shopper at the Steam store, you may be glad to know that Steam coupons can help you save some money on your qualified purchases. The question is where to find Steam coupons or Steam coupon codes? The following are some tips for finding Steam coupons.

How to get Steam coupons
1. The best time to get Steam coupons is at their sale events. The coupon itself is a means for promoting their products and services. And usually game promotions are during holiday seasons such as Christmas. During holiday season, people tend to buy games as gifts for their loved ones or for themselves. Because of the increased demand for games during the holiday season, many companies like to run promotions at those times. So, it is not surprising to see game coupons around. If you want to get Steam coupons, you should pay close attention to their special sale events.

2. Look for Steam coupons on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. As mentioned above, it is easier to get Steam coupons at game sales events. To be informed of these promotions, you may want to follow them or their publishers on Facebook and/or Twitter. Here are the links: and!/steam_games. Of course, you can also subscribe to their news feeds:

3. Get Steam coupons from other game players. Sometimes other people may have a spare Steam coupon code received from the game developer, if they want, they may give it to you for free or trade it with you. To find these types of opportunities, contact these people and make friends with them. The best online places to look for these people are on game forums, gamer groups or on the Steam trading system. But you have to make sure that the coupon is transferrable and tradable, and that it is a valid and legitimate one. According to the FAQ section on the Steam official site, they do allow users to trade Steam coupons.

4. Get Steam coupons when purchasing gaming related computer hardware such as a video card. Sometimes when you buy a video card, and it may come with a bonus: a Steam coupon which is good for a free game. But promotions like this come and go, and they are not always around.

5. Search for Steam coupon codes on the internet. You should do your search using major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, and you should check popular coupon sites like

Tips for using Steam coupons:
1. Use your Steam coupon before it expires. Steam coupons do expire. You cannot use them to save money any more after their expiration date. So it is wise to check your coupon’s expiration date before using it.

2. During check out, the added Steam coupon will be automatically applied if they are applicable for your purchase. But if you want to save it for other purchase, you can use the link “change/Remove coupon” to remove it from your cart.

3. Only one coupon per item is allowed at the steampowered store.

Hopefully you can get Steam coupons or Steam coupon codes that you need, and play your favorite games at affordable prices.


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